Spice up your beach break in Jamaica

Levi Roots is handing me a spoon bubbling with hot, coconutty liquid. The musician-turned-chef is holding court at a cooking demonstration in the Jamaican sunshine and what he’s making smells amazing.

I was first to volunteer to taste his creation, and as I slurp up the contents of the spoon I’m delighted I put my hand up. “That’s stupidly good!” I exclaim involuntarily. Levi laughs. Since that TV appearance on Dragons’ Den he has launched his now-multi-million-pound Reggae Reggae Sauce empire and published seven cookbooks.

It is perhaps down to him that Caribbean cooking is now so popular across Britain and the dividends of his success are evident in his happy demeanour and the startling amount of bling he wears. Of course he knows his food is stupidly good.

via Spice up your beach break in Jamaica.

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