Sunny Ohanyere: Reggae Music Chose Me; I Didn’t Choose Reggae…

Unforgettable reggae lyrics from an indefatigable reggae star, Buju Banton. That was the first reggae song played by the Nigerian-born, patois-speaking University of Lagos Radio presenter and the brain behind the renaissance of reggae and raga music in Nigeria. From “Dancehall Supremacy” to “Riddim Clash” the Ital Sound presenter has been galvanising the public to the high level of reggae.

He didn’t choose to be a Rastafarian, reggae music chose him. At every interval of his life there have always been reggae nuances directly. Sunny Ohanyere, popularly known as Covenant Child was born to an architect father and a businesswoman mother, he immersed himself in Jamaican heritage through his radio show. Going into the studio, for the first time to produce his demo reggae show, with N10, 000, Ohanyere has grown into cult figure with a great number of reggae music lovers following him. But his life is not all about reggae.

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