Middle Class Dub

Middle Class Dub.

So much music, so little time. Here is a mixture of UK and Jamaican tunes that gathers together some of the threads that make up what is, for us, ‘Middle Class Dub’.

Shocks ’71 – Charlie Ace

Charlie Ace ran Swing A Ling, a mobile record shop and label that toured the streets of Kingston Jamaica: what a great use of a Morris Minor. Strangely, there is little evidence of his current whereabouts but we hope he is nestled safely somewhere and not pushing up the dub daisies.

Sly and Robbie and the Revolutionaries

This band has produced more tracks than your iPod can consume in a lifetime so, instead of us attempting to pick one, just browse Spotify. (Not everyone knows, but our Sly is mixed race and his mum was very, very good friends with ‘Uncle’ Sly Dunbar. One day, the truth will be told.)

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