Shakira shows off body work

Shakira shows off body work

Bearing in mind that she has sold 25 million albums, last night’s invitation-only showcase by Colombian Shakira was probably the smallest concert she has played for years. But if she thought playing to a mere 400 people was beneath her, it didn’t show, as she pranced, wiggled and roared her way through a spirited set.

Looking and acting younger than her 28 years, she glowed with vitality and confidence as she opened with Costume, which set out an unashamedly Colombian stall. At times, during this track and also on the brilliant Underneath Your Clothes, there were points where her voice sounded rather strangulated on the high notes, and one suspects that a pre-recorded vocal track was backing her up during some of the more challenging phrases. Nonetheless, her overall showmanship was superb.

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