Rihanna: Music Of The Sun

Rihanna: Music Of The Sun

The most intriguing of artists in the industry enter the game with some sort of Cinderella story, and Barbados’ Rihanna has one of her own. Imagine sitting around the waiting room of Def Jam Records anticipating a meeting with President Carter, performing for him on the spot, and getting signed all in one day. Seems like something out of a fairytale for sure, but for this 17-year-old overnight sensation, dreams do come true.

2 Responses to “Rihanna: Music Of The Sun”

  1. Emelia Bigness Says:

    I don’t know what all the talk is about Rihanna going to a sex shop. This is lawful, it’s a free country and she can do what she wishes to.

  2. Maura Franich Says:

    I am sorry but I do not love Rihanna’s scarlet hair and cone shaped bra. Rihanna doesn’t have to be a Madonna copy.

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