1980 reggae movie ‘Rockers’ still has cult following

1980 reggae movie ‘Rockers’ still has cult following

Reggae and a 30-year-old movie about its Jamaican culture has become popular with a new generation.

Inner Circle includes founding members Ian and Roger Lewis, who both appeared in the 1978 film “Rockers.”

“We didn’t know the reggae sounds was so popular there now, but the movie has become like an underground cult movie in Asia,” Ian Lewis told Lake Tahoe Action after arriving in the United States from the Far East last week. “Remember that ‘Rocky Horror (Picture) Show?’ It became like a cult. ‘Rockers’ movie is like that now in Vietnam and Singapore because younger kids, they like that culture.”

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  1. Rowan Says:

    The soundtrack alone makes Rockers a classic. You forgot to mention the late great Jacob ‘Killer’ Miller, original member of inner circle.

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