Lee “Scratch” Perry at the Ground Miami January 13

Most Americans might not be aware of him, but Jamaican producer Lee “Scratch” Perry may be the most influential musical artist alive. Whether it’s seen through the iconoclastic, no-fucks-given punk ethos of the Clash, the tripped-up, spaced-out sounds of the first Gorillaz record, or in the sonic adventurousness of electronic artists like the Orb – themselves Perry collaborators – Perry’s legacy can be glimpsed across the musical spectrum. On January 13, Miami audiences will have the opportunity to catch him live and in the flesh at the Ground.

Having collaborated with such foundational reggae artists as Bob Marley & the Wailers and Max Romeo, Perry is widely regarded as one of the chief architects of both reggae and dub music. The latter genre, commonly understood to be atmospheric, instrumental-heavy music with extended running times, has grown far beyond its initial Jamaican roots and is now readily associated with musical experimentation in any and all forms. If your favorite track has a longer, more rhythm-oriented version with prolonged instrumental freak-outs, it’s likely considered a dub version. And in Miami, an international city where rhythmic dance music and club culture reign supreme, the extended instrumental is a fact of everyday musical life, something we all have the innovations of Perry to thank for.

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