Craigy T and Tarrus do One More Song

The single, One More Song, happened rather serendipitously after Riley overheard the early vocal tracks, which had been laid down by Craigy T, and decided he had to be part of that project. It is produced by Jordan McClure.

“Me, Tarrus, and my artiste Kenny Smith were in the studio one day vibing some of my tracks, and the song just came out of that creative energy. It was completely organic. Then we recorded the song at Chimney Records studios with Jordan. So imagine three musically mad people in one place!” Craigy T told the Jamaica Observer.

A former member of dancehall quartet T.O.K, Craigy T notes the reaction from the public has been nothing short of exciting, and he sees One More Song as that track which will start the ball a rolling for his solo career.

via Craigy T and Tarrus do One More Song .

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