Jah9 releases ‘Steamers a Bubble’

Roots reggae singer Jah9 has announced the official release of her latest single, Steamers a Bubble. It will receive the classic treatment and will be released exclusively on vinyl, with added dub versions.Steamers a Bubble is done on the Apartment riddim, originally recorded in 1982 by the Roots Radics band for producer Franklyn ‘Ben Up’ Irvin Shambala/Hit Bound Records.

In its 2013 incarnation, the riddim has been aptly renamed ‘Inna Di Yard’. It pulls significance from the many groundings with legendary guitarist Chinna Smith at his world-renowned St Andrew Park compound. The numerous visits, reasonings and jam sessions on this compound also spawned the ‘Inna Di Yard’ music-documentary series a few years ago.

via Jah9 releases ‘Steamers a Bubble’.

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