The Great Dancehall Freeze-Out of 2010

The Great Dancehall Freeze-Out of 2010

When word spread on April 1 that the U.S. Embassy in Kingston was stripping dancehall stars Aidonia, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, and Mavado of their visas, many Jamaicans figured the news for a joke—just more fodder for Clovis, the Jamaica Observer cartoonist whose satirical barbs target trouble-prone musicians just as often as inept politicians. For the artists themselves, though, it was no laughing matter. “It was a big shock for us,” says Lav Lawrence, Aidonia’s brother/manager. “These are maybe four of the five top artists right now. They’re ambassadors for the country.”

4 Responses to “The Great Dancehall Freeze-Out of 2010”

  1. Terry Says:

    This is not good, these artist have to figure a way to keep things going. One ideal is to come together and build on home turf. (don’t know if this will or can happen)

  2. cornell clarke Says:

    This is just a way of setting jamaican back. It is pure politics and injustice.

  3. Tom in Lazybrook Says:

    When J’can dancehall artists atone for their prior misbehavior by publically apologizing to the Gay community (preferably on J’can TV) in J’ca for their misbehavior and endorsing a repeal (publically in their own name – in the J’can press) of J’cas fascist anti-Gay laws, then we’ll discuss their suitability towards entry into our nation.


    A Gay man in the USA

  4. cornell clarke Says:

    This why jamaican has to start doing good clean music. There is too much slackness in jamaican music, we need to act more decent. We as jamaican grew up the right way, so let get back on the right track.

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