Lady Saw pens open letter, asks Tifa, Spice and Macka Diamond for forgiveness

December 22nd, 2015

Though a week has not yet elapsed since Lady Saw got baptised, the former queen of the dancehall is wasting no time where "getting it right with God and man" is concerned.


In an open letter, Lady Saw bears it all, answering questions that well-wishers and critics have thrown at her since she gave her life to the Lord on Monday, December 14.


“Some people are making negative arguments that I did it to steal the limelight of dancehall artiste J Capri, whose funeral was held on Monday,” Saw’s letter stated.

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Miss Jamaica Is The First Dreaded Woman To Appear On Miss World

December 22nd, 2015

In case you missed it, a dreadlocked beauty queen competed in the Miss World competition.

Dr. Sanneta Myrie, who was born to a single mother in Kingston, Jamaica, was midway through medical school when she decided to enter the beauty pageant.

“I have always wanted to be a doctor and help people, but who wouldn’t want to be the brand ambassador for Jamaica?” she told Femde, adding that she gave up her internship to pursue this other dream. “But I have the rest of my life to do medicine, so I am just exploring all that life has to offer now.”

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In her skin: Kamila McDonald-Alcock

December 22nd, 2015

This is part two of a feature In Her Skin, which will have Jamaican women sharing their philosophies on beauty, and revealing some of their own beauty secrets and practices. Here is Kamila McDonald-Alcock.

“EXCUSE me, excuse me! Are you that lady?”

As we got up to leave our table at Grosvenor Cafe´ in Kingston on a Thursday morning, an eager voice from behind called after us. The manager of the quaint establishment rushed towards us to satisfy his own curiosity, as well as that of his staff, after our hour-long interview. My interviewee simply answered a confident, ‘Yes’.

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Dmedz marches on with Rebel Soldier

September 20th, 2015

WITH his latest song, Rebel Soldier, singjay Dmedz continues the positive theme of Empower, his EP, which was launched last December.

Rebel Soldier is the follow-up to Champion, a song the 28-year-old artiste pushed relentlessly for most of this year.

“Rebel Soldier is reminding us that as black people we have to be proud of our culture an’ heritage. We use to be kings, rulers of empires,” said Dmedz.

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Wowed by wild Jamaica

September 13th, 2015

We grip the sides of the rickety fishing boat as it slams against the crests of the Caribbean waves. My husband and I try to ignore the fact that we are not wearing life jackets.The dreadlocked boatman is perched perilously at the bow. This is a feat, given that the ride is bumpier than Jamaica’s potholed roads.He notices our apprehension. Pointing vaguely into the distance, he says breezily: “Twenty more minutes, mon.”

Just as we begin to seriously worry, we spot a wooden hut in the sea and we climb up a ladder onto the main circular platform.

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Jah Cure: ‘I only want the best because I’ve seen the worst’

August 10th, 2015

MUCH HAS been written in recent years about the state of reggae music. A combination of poor sales, the closure of specialist record shops, and young producers shifting away from traditional reggae sounds has led many writers (myself included) to question whether the beloved genre has suffered a decline.

If indeed reggae is dying, Jah Cure has delivered The Cure.

The new album from the reggae star debuted at number one on the US Billboard Reggae Albums Chart; was hailed a “certified classic” by The Washington Times; and was billed by iTunes as a collection of songs that will “change the course of reggae.”

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Reggae on a high at Geel

August 10th, 2015

Last Saturday, the 37th Reggae Geel festival closed in Belgium. True to form, it showcased a diverse package of acts including the Uprising Roots Band, Super Cat, Shaggy and Etana.

Promoter Dee Prater estimates that over 66,000 fans attended the two-day event which she described as “more than successful”.

“This year, I brought Super Cat to Europe for the first time in history and he rocked and didn’t stop. He brought on Josey (Wales) and Brigadier Jerry and also performed at the dancehall stage with David Rodigan,” Prater told the Sunday Observer.

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Shaggy: ‘I never had budgets. I’m the reggae guy’

August 2nd, 2015

THERE AREN’T an abundance of Jamaican music artists who can claim to be both pop stars and reggae stars. Generally speaking, you’re either one or the other.

But somehow, Shaggy has enjoyed a 22-year career, in which he has successfully straddled both markets time and time again.

His 1993 debut album, Pure Pleasure, featured the dancehall favourite, Big Up, which, to this day, still solidifies Shaggy as a dancehall don. The same album also spawned the unforgettable, Oh Carolina – which marked the beginning of his journey as a pop sensation.

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5 Songs You Need to Hear by Rising Reggae Star Kabaka Pyramid – The Root

July 28th, 2015

The young lion from Kingston held his own, exhibiting star quality as well as proving that people were ready for his music. Couple that with recent moves—including an appearance this year at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas; his U.S. tour with a stop at New York City’s SOB’s; and an impressive European touring schedule—and there’s no question that Kabaka Pyramid is gunning for international stardom.     

Kabaka, born Keron Salmon, began his musical journey around 2002. A fan of hip-hop, he would recite rap lyrics from the Kingston-born Canibus and Inspectah Deck of Wu-Tang Clan fame. He continued performing hip-hop when he moved to Orlando, Fla., finding some encouraging success by landing a track, “Dear Hip-Hop,” as Ronny Pyramid with fellow rapper Young Diction on the DJ Green Lantern mixtape Myspace Invasion Part 2 in 2007.

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Jamaica’s new copyright means Jamaicans pay for reggae the rest of the world gets free

July 28th, 2015

Jamaica now has the third-longest copyright term in the world, and the term extension has been imposed retrospectively, all the way back to works created in 1962, the year ska burst on the public scene.The new term only binds on Jamaicans, meaning that the currently public domain Jamaican works that are going back into copyright will be free for foreigners long before they’re free for Jamaicans again, a situation that will apply to all Jamaican works produced from 1962 onward.

“what will happen is that we will, in fact, be paying out to foreign copyright holders in foreign exchange for the continued use of foreign works in Jamaica, while our own rights holders will only benefit up to the 50, 70 or 80 years that exist in other countries”. So all that this measure has accomplished is that citizens of Jamaica, a developing country, will be paying more money into Hollywood’s coffers, while Jamaica’s own rich cultural heritage draws in not a penny more in return. Yay?

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